Three things Sam Allardyce Brings as the New Sunderland Manager

By Doni June Almio

  1. The New Manager Effect

Every football fan knows that every time a new manager comes to a club, he brings a renewed sense of hope to the club. Most often than not, new managers improve the previous record of the new club that they are handling. Allardyce brings new tactics and a new style of football. It may be an experience that will help Sunderland improve their record.

  1. Allardyce’s Saving Grace

Big Sam is basically known for his saving grace. When he became manager for Bolton, he was able to raise the position of Bolton Wanderers in the Premier League Table. This also happened when Allardyce became the manager of the Blackburn Rovers as well as his club before Sunderland, West Ham. Having this track record, Sam Allardyce may be the saving grace of Sunderland from not falling to the bottom of the league table.

  1. The Long Ball Style

Sam Allardyce is known for his ‘ball in the air’ style of football when he was the manager of both Newcastle United and West Ham United. This style of play involves less short passes and more long air ball passes coming from the defenders and midfielders. Considering the fast paced forwards of Sunderland such as Fletcher, Defoe and Borini, this style of play might work for Sunderland. Allardyce will need his defenders and midfielders to make the necessary passes. If the passes are made his forwards should have no problem latching onto them.

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