Chelsea win without being convincing

By Vasil Atanasov

Chelsea did manage to win three points, but are their problems really gone? On paper, a clean sheet and a goal from the returning main striker, albeit against Aston Villa, looks a good day’s work. But looking closely at how the game went, we can definitely say that Chelsea aren’t safe yet. The atmosphere in the stadium was flat, as if the fans were holding their breath, expecting to see how their team will concede a goal this time. And Aston Villa actually had a hand in that, as well, courtesy of them starting brightly. They had a great chance when Gestede fired over the crossbar and with the shape Chelsea’s team are at the moment, it could’ve been a very different game. Unfortunately for Sherwood and his boys, they didn’t get the rub of the green this time and the first goal was an absolute gift. Brad Guzan should’ve blasted the ball forward, as Lescott would’ve had problems even if he did take a good touch, since Chelsea players were already pressing on the key zones. Villa did try to get back in the game, but the way they conceded the second goal was too much for them. So, a 2 – 0 win for the struggling champions, which was not convincing by any stretch of the imagination. They looked shaky in defense, their main creativity player is still not showing acceptable level and their striker had a tap-in and a massive stroke of luck to get the deflection for the second goal. Three points, but no outlook of Chelsea changing their fortunes soon.

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