Specialist in failure leads arsenal to second spot

By Iftakhar Sheikh

Arsenal fail to go down to their beloved fourth spot after a 3-0 win over newly promoted Watford side. Watford gave their all to help Arsenal move to the Arsenal spot in the premier league  but they could only resist for an hour. As CAZORLA and OZIL combined brilliantly to create a chance that was taken cleverly by Alexis to give Arsenal the lead.

GIROUD is always a master man when it comes to missing chances but that is what Ozil’s pass possess that they even let a man like Giroud score. Ramsey scored the third goal after some fine work done by Hector Bellerin on the right side. It wasn’t the neatest of the goals but arsenal would welcome them coming anyway. Premier League title and Arsenal is a worst off love story than the twilight saga but this early start suggests that Arsenal might find their long lost love if they are consistent enough.

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