English teams have a good day in Europe

By James Folsom

It was sure nice to see the Premier League have a good day at the Champions League on Tuesday. Chelsea didn’t win, but at least they didn’t lose. They are only a point out of second spot with three matches to play, two at home, so they still have a good shot to advance. At least they are making it interesting. Hopefully they can win their next match and make the fifth and sixth ones very interesting. That will be back home so they should have a good chance.

How about Arsenal,beating Bayern Munich! Who saw that coming? Certainly not me. I wish they could have gotten a better camera angle on the first goal because it looked as if the ball may have hit the arm of Giroud as he was falling to the ground. But I suppose the Munich players would have been screaming if that were the case and they didn’t seem to protest much.
Good eye by the referee on the second goal but why in the world in a match this important do they not have some sort of instant replay system in place to look at a close play like that one?
I hope Man City and Man U can both win today! That would be a good week.


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