Chelsea crumbling

By Vasil Atanasov

Yet another defeat for Chelsea’s crumbling team. They might have had an actual excuse this time, but a second look at all the incidents does not point to any conspiracy. Zouma’s header didn’t go over the line, Fabregas was slightly offside for his disallowed goal and Matic was very naive to make two unnecessary fouls. On top of that, Mourinho and one of his coaches were sent to the stands. And amidst all that, you would imagine that the manager will have one of his deluded post-match interviews, but it speaks volumes that he refused to talk after the game. It sums up the state Chelsea Football Club is in. Maybe even Mourinho sensed that it is pointless to continue going about a conspiracy against his team, as it could only lead to more negative results for him and his players. And as we all know, he can’t take a defeat, so we cannot expect a normal interview from him after a match like that. The Chelsea ship is sinking fast and the manager has found himself in a situation where he has never been and has zero experience for. It looks more and more like he is going to walk out on the club this season, as his ego simply can’t cope with a crisis so deep.

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