Fabregas last seen????

By Iftakhar Sheikh

If Fabregas had whatsapp his last seen would be 2014. It has been that sort of a campaign for Fabregas. Last season he stepped up and did it for the team.

But this season it seems be has lost interest in playing football. Or maybe he has carrying out a secret destructive plan of Arsene Wenger to disrupt Chelsea.

His stats are no where what they used to be last season. And he is the main reason the bus is not working properly. His key passes average per game last time was 2.21 which has now reduced to 1.80.

Fabregas used to create 2.74 chances per game last season which has significantly reduced to 1.90 this term.

He averaged 0.50 assists per game and this season averages 0.10.

These stats speak a lot for his recent lack of form. He needs to step up and reorganize himself before it gets too late and he is the man who can still turn the season for Chelsea.

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