Man City secure a draw at Man united to return to the top of the table at the end of a great week.

By James Folsom

It would have been nice to get a win today for City, but when you are on the road, two points ahead and two of your best scorers are not playing, a 0-0 draw is not so bad. Arsenal is even at 22 points, but City is +6 in goal differential so they are in first by the smallest of margins.

City is in decent shape in the Champions League as well thanks to the game winner from DeBruyne on Wednesday to beat Sevilla. That was as beautiful as it gets with the left footer just inside the post in stoppage time to win it. I was hopeful that would give them some momentum going into the game at Old Trafford. But all things considered a draw is not so bad. Man U will still have to come to Etihad Stadium later in the season.
Looking at the Champions League now, the Premier League did well last week and are back into contention half way through Group play. City is in second place in Group D, one point out of first place where Juventus sits and three points in front of Sevilla. How big was that goal from DeBruyne? Had he missed that shot, both of those teams would have four points with City still needing to go to Sevilla.
Hopefully Aguero and Silva will be back soon now that Kompany is back. With everyone healthy, Manchester City is the best team in the Premier League and maybe a top four in all of Europe.


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