Third season syndrome hits Jose Mourinho again

By Iftakhar Sheikh

Besides suffering from a disease named Wenger, “the miserable one”suffers from another lethal disease commonly known as the third season syndrome.

Amazingly only one person seems to suffer that and that is Mourinho. The disease is neither contagious nor curable.

It happened to him the last time at chelsea when he was sacked. It happened to him in Madrid.

And its happening again. The symptoms usually are blaming one important team member or staff member and losing games that you usually dont expect his side to lose and his side forgetting how to play football.

In madrid he targeted Casillas and destroyed his legacy and career. And in chelsea this time he axed physio Eva who seemed to have left behind her curse.

All in all someone needs to help Mou get rid of this disease. Or else Chelsea will suffer more and he himself along with other Chelsea fans must know that he is responsible for the position Chelsea is in at the moment.


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