Is it time to talk about Chelsea’s relegation chances?

By James Folsom

I think it is time now to start talking relegation with regards to Chelsea. After the first few matches did not go well, it was written off as a slow start from the defending champions. Perhaps they were suffering a bit from post championship celebrating. But we are now 11 matches in and they are still not getting any better.

Chelsea doesn’t just lose, they lose badly.they are at -6 in goals, and have six losses in 11 matches with only three wins. Liverpool beat them by two, City by three, Everton by two and Southampton by two. They even had a 3-3 draw with Newcastle who sits firmly in the relegation zone right now in 19th.
We are about one third through the season and not only is Chelsea and defending their title not even a thought at this point, but neither is Chelsea getting into the Champions League. In fact, Chelsea is going to have to get things turned around quickly just to get  into the Europa League conversation.
This is just embarrassing for the defending champions who have only three league wins so far. Has a champion ever fallen this far this quickly?
Stoke and Norwich are the next teams on the Premier League schedule for Chelsea. They really need wins in those two because at the end of November they have Tottenham Hotspur which will be a tough one.

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