“Nothing to Say”

By Iftakhar Sheikh

Wherever there is the 3-1 oops i meant the special one there is drama. Week in week out you will see

Mourinho criticizing media and referees. More importantly blaming them.

As we saw last season Mou had openly claimed that there was a campaign against Chelsea by referees.

Besides referee criticizing you would see Jose typically not accepting that his side didn’t play well. Rather blatantly claim that his side was the best side and yet they lost.

He never has accepted that his team played 2nd best in a given match. But the game against Liverpool

was a whole different story.

In his post-match press conference he didn’t say anything besides appreciating the fans and

disappointingly saying he had “nothing to say”.

No usual jibes at referee decisions such as Lucas second yellow card debate. No picking out a player for

the match player or worst player. He didn’t have anything to say no blame to put on anyone. Poor Jose is

surely feeling that a storm is coming soon which will blow him away strongly.

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