Rampant city stay on top

By Iftakhar Sheikh

City and three points in Premier League still a better love story than twilight. City although had to work

for it but it surely came for them.

Norwich were resilient and composed in defense but how long could they really stop the unstoppable force.

Otamendi scoring his first ever goal for Manchester city via glorious and powerful header. A picture

perfect center back header from Otamendi.

A horrendous mistake by Joe hart led to an equalizer by Norwich late in the game. It all

looked as if it was heading for a draw.

But a mistake at the other end by the keeper resulted in a penalty that Toure Yaya took and ensured

three points for City.

The highlight of the game has to be a lesson given by Alexander Kolarov teaching footballers how to

miss a penalty late in the game. City goes top of the table only on greater goal difference than Arsenal.

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