Chelsea keep on disappointing

By Iftakhar Sheikh

Chelsea these days are like “three points for you three points for you three points for everyone”. A side who was never beaten easily  are now losing like they are some 3rd division club.

Given all this they still have a record breaking season. They have broken all the records that start with “worst”. Worst start to a campaign by Chelsea. Worst start by a title holding side. And the list goes on and on and on.

Chelsea have failed to get results. In their last 8 Games they have just won once and that too against Maka bi Tel Aviv in UEFA Champions League. A run of form which you will never expect to be seen by a defending champion.

The problem is simple yet deep. Chelsea are miserable in defense, sloppy in midfield and pathetic in attack. Hazard and Fabregas have learnt the disappearing magic trick and they disappear in every Chelsea game this season.

Chelsea are not just getting it right at the moment although they know they need to. They must get it right before it’s too late.

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