English teams do well in the Champions league, well besides Arsenal

By James Folsom

Finally got to watch my team on Tuesday when they showed the Manchester City at Sevilla game on FOX. It was in standard def though which sucked. Maybe one day NBC will decide to put City back on during the EPL weekend? I hope so.

Just when we thought the Premier League was stinking up the Champions League, City and Man U both win on Tuesday. In fact, City is already in the Knockout Stage with two games still to play. We did not see that coming a few weeks ago when they lost at home to Juventus, then proceeded to lose Kompany, then Silva and later Aguero. Kompany has returned and if they can get Silva and Aguero back before the knockout round, City could be a good pick for the semifinals.
Man U is now on top of their group with seven points. They have been a defensive machine as of late, but it looked as if they might have their fourth straight 0-0 match in all competitions. But they finally scored a goal late in the match to beat Moscow 1-0. So the demise of the Premier League was greatly exaggerated.
Chelsea even got a much needed win on Wednesday with a 2-1 win over Kiev when it looked as though they were going to have to settle for a draw. Will that win propel them to start moving up the standings in both the Champions and the Premier League? We can only hope.
Just when we thought all was right with the world though, there was Arsenal getting trucked by Bayern Munich 5-1. The team tied for first in the EPL getting blown out by four does not look good. But, in their defense, Bayern is perhaps the favorite to win the whole thing and they had several players injured and could not play. So all in all, a pretty decent showing by the English sides in Group Play this far.

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