Manchester City and Arsenal both waste opportunity to be alone at the top

By James Folsom

One might look at Sunday’s games as a push for the teams at the top. Man City was held to a scoreless draw with Aston Villa and Arenal battled Tottenham Hotspur to a 1-1 draw. City and Arsenal went in tied and came out still tied. So nothing got done on Sunday, right?

That all depends. If you are a fan of Man City, you have to feel like this was a wasted opportunity. Several times City appeared that they were about to take the lead, only to have a shot bounce off the posts, or find the goalie or just miss wide of the goal. Villa never got a shot on target. This is one City let get away.
Arsenal looked as if they were going don to the Spurs at home. To be honest, the Spurs outplayed them. But a late goal from Kieran Gibbs at 77′ and the Gunners salvage the draw. So even though the day looks as if it was even for both sides, emotionally, it has to go down as a win for Arsenal, especially coming off that mid week 5-1 beat down at the hands of Bayern Munich.
City has a tough one next week as they face Liverpool. West Bromwich Albion awaits Arsenal. This race is shaping up to be one of the best in Premier league history as after 12 matches, two points separate the top four.

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