Chelsea win The El Relegato

By Iftakhar Sheikh

An upset by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge leaves the world of football in shock as Blues grabbed three points against Norwich.

Even more important news for Chelsea fans was the return of “better than Ronaldo Hazard” who was missing from the very start of the season. There was no news of Hazards whereabouts until the game against Norwich. It was such a surprising return that even Chelsea fans gave a standing ovation to Hazard when he was being subbed off.

The match saw not only Hazard but Chelsea back on song as they won by 1 goal to nil. Goal scored by Diego Costa in the 64th minute was enough to ensure three points for a much more composed and in control Chelsea side.

Chelsea had a total 16 shots, 7 of them were on target. The possession of 64% ensured their control over the game so that they would not succumb to any more disasters.

The best thing was the belief by the players in Blue, which was appreciated and shared by both crowd and players. First Costa after scoring the goal pointing towards Chelsea fans then Hazards appreciation were positive signs that things might just turn around for Chelsea now.

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