Boring Chelsea drag Tottenham down to their level

By Iftakhar Sheikh

If you want to learn sucking the life out of a game then you got to learn from the master “the special one”. Your season is completely dismantled and you are playing away from home against a very brilliant in form Tottenham side who last season thrashed you 5-3 at the very same place. What do you do? You kill the fun in the game.

I have literally “nothing to say” about the game as it didn’t provide even a single point to talk. Perhaps the wonder free kick taken by Cesc Fabregas. Tottenham tried to impose themselves on the game with 56% possession and 7 attempts on goal. Only four of them were on  target but no shot proved to be fruitful.

Being at home and being in red hot form the favorites just could not take advantage of Chelsea’s delightfully pathetic form. What else can you expect from Chelsea who were there to bore us. With 44% possession they just had 1 shot on target in 90 minutes. This stat explains how ambitious Chelsea were at white hart lane.

Tottenham sit 5th in the table with 25 points and Chelsea are at 14th spot with 15 points. Chelsea need to play ambitiously or else they will have to get comfortable sitting in the bottom half of the table at the end of season.

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