Ozil remains helpless

Helpless to not assist that is. If you try to call Ozil his answering machine would say “hello it’s Ozil, how may i assist you?” An he notched yet another one.

Villa hosted Arsenal in the 16th game of the season which resulted in 2-0 victory for Arsenal. Despite being away from home Arsenal typically had more possession i.e. 56% that allowed them 7 shots of which 4 were on target.

Giroud opened the scoring in the 8th minute after converting from the spot. Later in the 38th minute Arsenal produced a scintillating counter attack which resulted in Özil assisting Ramsey. Although Giroud was available as an option but Özil wanted another assist and to ensure that he had to avoid Master Misser. So he made sure it fell in the path of Ramsey who made no mistake.


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