Campaign against Van Gaal as his philosophy fails

It’s surprising to see a philosophy fail so badly.

Van Gaal’s process has taken too much time but i guess that delusion won’t work anymore. “Matamatically” United might not be in a really bad position but United have reached new heights of boredom in their style of play.

As a beautiful saying goes “make Van Gaal the manager of ISIS they will never attack again”. This just sums the philosophy.

If you want someone to experience the most excruciating mental torture blended with agony then make that very person watch a game of United.

Getting booed off after the match was probably a reaction Van Gaal invited on himself. He has earned this love from fans after the determined focus on developing the most pathetic and purposeless style of play.

It probably a campaign against Van Gaal that his tactics aren’t allowed “enough time” to inculcate in the team. I mean in modern games one and a half year is clearly not enough.

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