Disappointing Manchester City lose to Arsenal

The engineer Pellegreni has failed to construct a master piece yet this season. Or we all can say that Pellegreni is just a spoiled brat who does not know what to do with what he has.

Unlimited resources, extreme authority and still just one premier league title in three years. That’s not a good record. City probably had the best transfer window. It  was the most strengthened squad. Yet they have not managed to win their 5 away games.

Additional pressure of managerial change is lurking over Pellegreni. Losing to Arsenal was not what he needed right now.

City need to find a way turn this around or else it is going to come down heavily on them. Another trophy less season is not what they would want with such talent at disposal. And with the shadow of Pep looming over city, the players will also know they have to get their act together.

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