Something’s Wrong

There have been some huge happenings in this weekend round of premier league matches, some mind boggling results. All those might be an indication that end is near. Huge upsets and disasters for teams. Or is it just that the new year has brought in new results.

The biggest upset  was relegation struggles Chelsea beating Crystal Palace by a clear margin of three goals. It was obviously huge as Crystal palace gave away 3 points so easily to a relegation fighting team. It was hard to see a bottom placed club play with such conviction and energy but they did.

Second idd result was for Swansea City loosing to a Manchester united side who are “title contenders”. Amazingly these “title contenders” won their first game after a whole month and half. The most boring side in the whole premier league got a victory by actually playing some good entertaining football. Who would have thought?

Lastly, Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez haven’t scored a goal in past three games. They have hit the bar, missed penalties but yes they haven’t scored. I guess all you can say is that they are human after all.

Arsenal sit top of the table at 42 points as Leicester City had a huge drop in form recently which sees them fall to second spot. After a win United see themselves just 3 points behind forth spot Spurs. Amazingly Chelsea find themselves at 14th spot after some good performances under their new manager.

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