Arsenal distraught as they blow chance to top Premier league table

Arsenal just love to lose a good opportunity to be top of the table or have an actual chance of winning the title. If you want to learn how to lose at crucial times in the season you got to learn it from the masters, Arsenal or Arsene Wenger.

Probably it was the best time to prove your title credentials by beating one of your foremost rivals and that too when your rivals are in worst of forms. Arsenal just don’t know how to cop up with pressure of title favorites.

They got undone once again by Costa who haunts them once again but this time a fair share of blame must be taken by Per Mertesacker. Height of stupidity on part of some Arsenal fans as they were still feeling that the  red card for Per was unfair.

The red card was without a shadow of doubt red card but yes Costa’s theatricality just added more firmness to the decision.

The best thing about the match was Flamini’s over excitement. He could be seen in the defense and even the attack he was everywhere but he was just not finishing the chances he was getting. In fact he was more of a trouble for the rest of the team than help.

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