Chelsea win and fans start dreaming of a top four finish again

Chelsea finally become inconsistent. They were winning one game each month since the start of the season. But they have now finally won two games in one month for the first time this season in the premier league.

You can just see how excited the fans are after this victory. So much so that they have become delusional and they are thinking of a top four finish. It is obviously absurd to think something like this when your team hasn’t already put up a good run of form.

Terry seemed positive and optimistic after the match of a top four finish. It is difficult but not impossible given his teams have played this season and how surprisingly Leicester are top of the table.

Amazingly it was once again the “decent boy” Diego Costa who was center of the show. Surely Gunners don’t like him at all already due to his previous encounters with Arsenal.

It was a foul on Costa that resulted in a red card for Mertasacker getting Arsenal down to 10 men. To put further salt on wounds the only goal scorer of the game was Costa. Chelsea still have a lot to do before they really can dream about top four this season.

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