Leicester remain top of the league

Caludio might run out of ideas soon on how to keep his players from getting complacent at the top of the league. Offering pizza and other things might run out one day. Because boy oh boy the way Leicester are playing they can actually be the Champions. No questions on the fact that they are actually a threat to other title contenders.

The performance by Leicester was without  a strain of doubt a staggering one. They kept knocking on the door from the word go. Mignolet kept on denying Leicester. It had to take something surgical to beat Mignolet.

And it did. Jamie vardy scored from an outrageous angle and distance from where any player in the world will think twice about taking a shot but Vardy didn’t have any hesitation. He volleyed the ball over the goalie with no effort at all. It surely is goal of the season up till now.

Shortly afterwards Vardy made it 2-0 as Okazaki’s deflected shot fell his way and he put the ball home with extreme ease. Leicester are now top of the table with 50 points above second placed City who have 47 points; as Arsenal slipped after dropping points against Saints.

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