Arsenal back in their comfort zone

Arsenal are back where they belong yes that’s right it’s their beloved fourth spot on the table. How much Arsene missed being fourth, only he knows.

You can separate the fourth spot from Arsenal but Arsenal can’t separate from the fourth spot. It is just what Arsenal has become as a club just being fourth.

The biggest regret is to see players of level of Özil, Sanchez and Çèch who don’t deserve such a team. Özil created 10 chances last night out of which none was availed by his team mates.

The game ended 0-0 as Arsenal blew up yet another chance to be at the top of the table. Is it their love for the forth spot or the pressure of being more than forth on the table that forces them to slip down the table again to be at their beloved spot.

Only Arsenal fans, players and God knows the actual reason of Arsenal’s connection with the number four.

All praise must belong to Fraser Forster for his outstanding performance as he held Arsenal to a draw. Yes Arsenal were pathetic but you couldn’t take away the credit from Southampton and the way they played.

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