Liverpool face to face with a harsh reality

Dreams were relived, history was being written. A new chapter was being made with the signing of Jurgen Klopp by Liverpool. Fans won the league 21 times in their head after it was ensured that Klopp is the new manager for the Reds.

“This year is our year” became a motto once again rather than a shame as it has been previous years and  even other teams of premier league were also afraid. The start was awesome and everyone became optamistic.

Guess what despite everything Liverpool is still pathetic. Liverpool did all this to lose against Leicester. Yes Leicester beat Liverpool at home rather I must say thrashed Liverpool. The Reds couldn’t handle the game.

They looked as kids of some street came to play against a top side and had no idea what to do when and where. They looked completely clueless and helpless.

It all seems same with Liverpool and it looks that Liverpool are just helpless when it comes to being the best again. They now stand 8th at the table with 34 points. Something that we could see in Rodger’s era as well. So you have got to ask all the Scouser’s. What has really changed after Klopp’s arrival? Was this all worth It.?

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