Arsenal in the shadow of Spurs

Arsenal fans are wondering where to go after this. It seems that soon they will run out of hideouts. First it was their ever green love of the fourth place. Now they are at the moment below Spurs in the table.

In the history of premier league Arsenal have never finished below Spurs. Tottenham haw always been bashed by this stat and they have been claimed to live under Arsenal’s shadow forever. But it seems that times are changing now.

Arsenal were up against AFC Bournemouth this weekend and the ended up winning by 2-0 comfortably. Goals scored by Mesut Özil and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. Arsenal need to keep going and build the pressure on Leicester if they want to have a chance of winning the title.

Currently Arsenal sit on third spot behind their arch rivals Tottenham and they are only separated by goal difference. One must wonder what Arsenal needs to do considering they are currently winning their usual fourth place trophy.

Arsenal might have to sacrifice their favorite silverware of fourth position and realize that they are actually in a title race and can win the league if they bring some maturity and grit to their game. A win against Leicester next week will surely be a giant step towards to the title. As it will not only push Arsenal up the table but also be a big blow to Leicester’s title hopes.

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