NUTMEG LIFE, android game launched on google playstore

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first game on the Google Play store.

A simple to use nutmeg game for all football/soccer fans. One of its kind. Time your shoot and tap the screen to nutmeg the defender by kicking a football/soccer ball through its legs. But be aware that the defender can tackle you. Swipe left or right to avoid the tackle and keep possession of the ball. Don’t worry though you can buy extra lives and other combos as in app purchases. You can also get an extra life by watching an advertisement. Sign in to Google leaderboards to fight for the chance to top the leaderboard and be GOAT (Greatest of all time) in this football/soccer skill game.

Any in app purchase makes the game ad free (you will still get a prompt to watch and extra ad for an extra life). Ads will randomly appear after 6-10 games. In app purchases will also enable offline play. (however in offline play you can not update the leaderboard or watch an ad for an additional life.)

Beware. The game is hard, but then again so is the art of nutmeg.

Happy nutmegging fellow football/soccer fan

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