The wait is over. Leicester City do the unthinkable.

Who said Claudio Ranieri couldn’t win the league at Stamford Bridge? Thats exactly what just happened. It turns out that not winning the league against Manchester United at Old Trafford just set up a much better storyline. The tinker man won the league at his old hunting ground. Who cares if he wasn’t there to watch it. His emotional call to Guss Hiddink to thank Hiddink and his Chelsea team proved that he was watching it closely and so was rest of the team at the home of Jamie Vardy.

This was probably the only time in the history of the English Premier League that most of the country was rooting for the much hated Chelsea Football Club. And they lived up to it. From the start they looked liked they were up for it and trying to get into the nerves of a young spurs team. But at half time it looked like Spurs had done enough to keep the title race alive as they entered the break 2 goals to the good.

But the Chelsea fans were hopeful and as banners at the stadium showed they wanted their team to do it for their old manager. On came Eden Hazard at half time. Not the one of this season but the one of last year. With Chelsea having nothing to lose and already behind Hazard was given free will to attack and Chelsea were rejuvenated. After Cahill scored the first it looked like it was only a matter of when not how before Chelsea broke the hearts of Tottenham Hotspurs.

It is one of the ironies of football that a player who has had such a bad season was able to score a goal of such great quality. But as that ball curved into the top right corner of the spurs goal, Stamford Bridge, along with Leicester City and the rest of England (barring White Heart Lane) went into raptures.

Leicester City totally deserved this. Pundits and fans alike would say after every game that the stumble is coming. In the title race, Arsenal cracked, so did Manchester City and Spurs but Ranieri and his team defied all odds to become the Champions of England.

The biggest troll of it all is that unlike fans of Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham the fans of the foxes will be able to tweet out “we are the CHAMPIONS”.


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