By Petko Stoyanov

England are going to win it this time, nothing could go wrong! They have such a good mix of experienced and young … chokers. The likes of Rooney, Hart, and Cahill have proven they can’t do anything in major international competitions while Tottenham stars like Dier, Ali, Kane, Walker could easily win the meltdown of the year award for the game against Newcastle. If a relegated team can score 3 in 10 minutes with 10 men, imagine what would the likes of Germany, France or Spain do! I mean, how could you start 3-4 Spuds and hope to do something special?
And it gets even worse if you take a look at the midfield of this team. It’s full of players with no skill whatsoever: Milner, Dier and my personal favorite – Jordan Henderson??!! When you have to call the crocked Jack Wilshere to save the day, you know it’s not good. That guy had played like 200 minutes of football in the past year, for fuck’s sake.
Of course, a good manager could always make the whole unit play better than the individual quality player. It’s a shame England don’t have one. Considering his age, it would be a miracle if Roy Hodgson doesn’t fall asleep during the late games in the group.
And Rooney … I just can’t help it but give him some special attention, oh boy, he deserves it so much. The skipper, the leader of this team, the man who’s supposed to lead England to glory … LOL, just lol! The guy is past it already, he’s fat and he had like 4 major tournaments to do something and yet, he scored his first world cup goal just two years ago … yeah, it’s gonna be another “great” EURO for England.
PS: Practice some penalties, lads!

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