Ronaldo proves he is not Penaldo by missing crucial penalty LOL

By Petko Stoyanov

Ronaldo is proving once again in the EURO’s what we’ve all known for a while – he’s an egoist, a crybaby and a sore loser. His Portugal has only 2 points after two games in one of the easiest groups of the tournament and Cristiano has 20 shots without a goal, including a penalty. That’s truly incredible since there are TEAMS with fewer shots.
It’s pretty obvious the Portuguese are playing for him and he still can’t score, he isn’t Penaldo anymore. On top of that, you can see by his body language that he’s actually upset with his teammates. Seriously? The guy who had 20 shots without scoring and missed a penalty is upset with someone else? They should give him a good beating in the locker room.
And let’s not forget his interview after the game with Iceland when he accused them of not playing football. Hello, Cristiano, it’s a nation of 330,000. That’s less than your weekly salary. What do you expect them to do – go out and attack from the first minute? If you can’t score against them, it’s your own damn fault. Just grow up!
That’s what exactly Oliver Kahn said, btw, he’s 31 now (Ronaldo not Khan obviously) and he still behaves like a spoilt kid. And Oli Kahn was a true man and a leader, so he knows his stuff. I wonder if he will just continue to shoot from anywhere trying to be the hero against Hungary. I surely won’t miss him and Portugal, if they are out in the group stage!

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