Spain all possession no penetration

Petko Stoyanov

The brave Croatians managed to beat Spain and send the Spaniards on a terrible and difficult path to the final. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s not happy with that, besides Spanish fans of course. Tiki-taka is getting so boring and I freaking hate watching them just keep the ball for 80% of the time with no real purpose or penetration. What happened to football in the past 20 years? Where are the direct teams who are capable of splitting a defense in seconds? I blame the Spaniards for this and I will be happy to see them go home as soon as possible.
Just look at their game yesterday – besides a couple of early chances in the first half, they were just exchanging passes in the middle of the park. Sometimes I think their strategy is to bore the opponent, the referee and the crowd to death.
On top of that, they received an absurd penalty after Croatia had been denied a similar one just a couple of minutes earlier. What’s with the double standard for the big teams, seriously? Isn’t it time to stop this bullshit and just use video technology? David Silva just threw himself on the ground with minimal contact. It’s true he doesn’t seem like the strongest guy out there, but come on.
At least Sergio Ramos missed it, but that’s what happens when you give penalties to your centre-back, lol. On the other hand, the strikers and midfielder would’ve probably passed the penalty and started another combination with 25+ passes that involves the whole team including De Gea.

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