Zlatan fails to make mark, still waiting for the “legend to deliver”

By Petko Stoyanov

Just before the start of EURO 2016, Zlatan said: “The legend can still deliver”. I am not quite sure who was he talking about,I guess it’s Iniesta, Buffon or someone else. I mean, there’s no way he was talking about himself, right? First of all, I am quite curious why would he use the word “still” as he never shone in the colors of his national team. Does someone actually remember Sweden doing something during a major event? They either go out in the group stage or the first knockout round and Zlatan is usually pretty quiet.
Guess what happened this time around – they are out again, with no wins and Ibrahimovic did nothing to help them. When I think about it, he is very consistent in his performances.
I honestly can’t wait for “the legend to deliver” in the English Premier League as well. If he goes to Man United, he will reunite with Jose. Both have unquestionable qualities and success, but are two of the most despicable men in the world of football. Imagine how desperate United are after van Gaal to appoint one of the biggest **** (fill in the blanks as you want) in the Premier League history as their manager and sign a 35-year-old guy to lead their attack.
The good thing is it’s only going to get worse for Zlatan. And if there’s a man who doesn’t deserve any sympathy whatsoever, it’s him. Let’s sit back and enjoy his fall from grace after years of being an arrogant**** (fill in the blanks as you want).

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