Englnd do what England do best, exit Europe

By Petko Stoyanov

I don’t like to be the person who says “I told you so”, but … I told you so! The English team has been shit in the past 50 years, but they managed to hit a new low this year. Going out against Iceland, seriously? A country that has a population of about 330,000! What a joke! Kudos to the brave Icelanders, but it was much more England being shit than anything else.
Let’s start with Roy Hodgson. After playing 4-4-2 for most of the qualifiers and the friendlies before the tournaments, he suddenly decided to use 4-3-3??? What a bright idea, Roy, what could go wrong? Especially if you keep selecting the wrong players for every single game! Freaking Sterling has been crap ever since New Year and yet he is one of the first names on your team list? And what about the Rashford substitution in the 84th minute? How can you expect the kid to have an impact for less than 10 minutes on the pitch? To be fair to the kid, he tried and did more than most of the players for a full game.
I think next in line should be the skipper, the leader: Wayne Rooney! The guy has never performed for England, how can you expect him to do it now after he’s been past it for a couple of years? On top of everything, he was played in midfield. Pathetic performance!
One of the few who managed to be at the same level was the EPL’s top scorer Harry Kane! Have you ever seen more hilarious set pieces? He was so bad through the entire tournament, that it’s a miracle he started the last game.
And what about Joe Hart? And what’s with England and goalkeepers in general? They keep failing them over and over again. The City stopper had played in 3 major tournaments and was at fault for them going out at least twice. What the heck???
I think it’s time for English fans to accept it. The overpaid prima donnas won’t deliver, especially if the FA keeps appointing mediocre managers like Roy.


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