Germany take worst penalties ever, still win shoot out

By Petko Stoyanov

Have you ever seen a worse penalty shootout than the one Germany and Italy produced? It was the appropriate finale of a boring and cowardly game by two teams that have so much talent in their ranks. That’s why people fell in love with the likes of Iceland, Ireland and Wales – they have balls and they just go for it. Without having the stars (one or two exceptions aside) they are just playing their hearts out.
And what do Italy and Germany do? Just keep the ball and play it safe for 120 minutes! Fortunately, one of the teams had to go and I certainly hope the same happens to the Germans on Thursday. They are the World Champions and they shouldn’t be afraid of anyone! Not with the likes of Kroos, Muller, Hummels, Ozil in their squad!
But, let’s get back to the penalties. I still can’t stop laughing and I am not sure where to start. First of all, the Germans! Ozil proved he shouldn’t be taking any penalties by the end of his career, Muller proved that he is useless in this tournament and Schweinsteiger proved that the miss in the Champions League final wasn’t a coincidence. Yet, they still somehow managed to win it! I think only the Germans could miss 3 out of 5 and still not lose in penalties.
When you see what the Italians did, you’ll know it happened! Bonucci scored one in the regular time and was rather unlucky to see the next one saved, so let’s leave him aside. But what about Pelle? He looked cocky and full of confidence as he even showed Neuer where’s gonna place his shot. And after that, he just sent a heartless effort wide! What a cunt!
But nothing can beat Simone Zaza! I bet Conte regrets his decision to get him in the game just to take a penalty. It was comedy gold that will haunt this joker for the rest of his life. The little dance before that, the hopeless show, what an idiot! At least a boring game finished with a good laugh at the end.

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