Wenger delights fans with his transfer policy so far. Fans of rivals that is!!!

By Petko Stoyanov

When Arsene Wenger signed Granit Xhaka, Arsenal fans must have thought that this summer will be different and the club will finally start the season prepared. A couple of months later it seems the ultimate troll did it again and the squad will be as short as ever!

The only recognized forward in the team is the half-decent Giroud, with Welbeck injured for at least a couple of months. The muppet Walcott changed his mind once again and after claiming year after year he wants to play upfront, he now wants to go back to the wing. What a clown really. Vardy decided to stay in Leicester and despite the rumors, it seems Wenger won’t buy AGAIN. Oh, sorry, he got that Takuma Asano kid from the Japanese league, solid signing, lol!

And what about the defense? The old and slow Mertesacker probably could’ve had an almost bearable season, but it seems he’s out till Christmas. Knowing the Arsenal medical team, more likely Christmas in 2017. Gabriel got his ankle snapped against City and this leaves the Gunners with Koscielny, Chambers and Rob Holding. And the Frenchman will need an extended break cause of his time at the EURO.

Jurgen Klopp must be jumping in joy knowing he will probably face some weird pair at the back, no true forward and the whole stadium will surely be pretty gloomy after yet another ridiculous transfer summer. Happy times, if you hate the Gunners. Good job, Arsene!

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