John Stones becomes the second most expensive defender in the world. LOL

By Petko Stoyanov

John Stones became the second most expensive defender in the world after costing Man City £47.5m pounds that will go much higher with the add-ons. Just let that sink and tell me modern football doesn’t make you sick.
To be fair, the lad is a decent ball-playing defender, but the second most expensive in history? You must be having a laugh. Even more ridiculous is the fact that Manchester City have spent almost£200m for centerbacks since they signed Kompany. The likes of Mangala and Otamendi show how clueless they are. I mean, this duo cost like 30-40m each??? And they wonder why people accuse them of buying their trophies!
Actually, Pep Guardiola is the best manager for them. The guy who only goes to super clubs that spend, spend, spend and have one of the best squads in the world. After enjoying a spell in probably the best Barcelona side in history and almost ruining the best squad in Europe that was handed to him in Bayern, it’s now time to lead Manchester City. This is a guy that likes a challenge!
Let’s see how he does with the intensity of the English Premier League, the lack of a winter break and the never say never attitude of most clubs in the country. As Andy Gray once said, I would love to see him on a cold Monday night at the Britannia. Let’s hope he gets spanked on a regular basis and see him gone for good after just a season.

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