Mourinho desperate to prove he can last more than three years spends big on Pogba

By Petko Stoyanov

Man United completed the signing of Paul Pogba for a world record fee. This must be the deal of the summer right? And this is after they actually sold him, sorry let him go for free, a couple of years ago … LOL. Football has really gone mad and Manchester United are one of the best examples of that this summer.
After appointing the most despicable person in football Jose Mourinho (ok, Diego Costa is probably worse), they bought the egomaniac Zlatan and now this. What a joke! They’ve been complaining about City’s spending ever since the sheikhs came and now they are even worse than them. Who’s trying to buy trophies now?
And don’t even get me started on Mourinho. The self-proclaimed “Special One” that has spent his entire career in clubs that buy success. I wonder why he never build anything like a proper manager by developing some young players, getting bargain deals and adding just a bit of an extra quality here and there?
May be he can’t do it? If you look at his record, his third season at any club is a complete disaster, cause he’s such a mess that he just can’t last. Look what happened to Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid in his third year. I honestly can’t wait to see the same at Manchester United!

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