LFC fans come crashing down

By Petko Stoyanov

Poor scousers got deluded again. After the dramatic win against Arsenal last weekend, they started talking about the title and the Klopp revolution. It was just one game and they never learn. Beating an Arsenal team without a senior center back, without Ozil and Giroud is not a huge achievement. It was obvious the Gunners were a joke that day and this win means nothing.

This was easy to see when Liverpool visited Burnley on Saturday. They got beaten 2:0 and played like a bunch of amateurs. Their defense is a total joke and they lack quality all over the pitch! I don’t see them getting enough players to compete by the end of the transfer window and it’s going to be another season with some decent games here and there, but no consistency whatsoever!

If you look at their transfers, it’s obvious they can’t attract top talent anymore. Who would go to a team that doesn’t play in the Champions League and won’t be playing there anytime soon? Sure, Mane is a good player, but getting players from Southampton for insane money won’t get you in the top 4, let alone in the title fight. Ohh and he also is injured now.

Btw, a special mention to Alberto Moreno who proved to be one of the worst full back in the league against Arsenal. To get torn apart by Theo Walcott nowadays is truly special. And he didn’t even play against Burnley! This speaks volumes how bad Liverpool are at the back and I am looking forward to more humiliating defeats along the way.

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