Chelsea Klopped By Liverpool

By Iftakhar Sheikh

They bought new legs, spent huge amount of money, brought Conte, also brought Luiz back but still they were Klopped in front of their home crowd by Liverpool.

It needs something else to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and Klopp has it. Klopp has become expert in beating teams in front of their home crowd. He recently defeated the Gunners and then the defending Champions in their home ground.

Days ago when United got defeated in an European tie, Chelsea fans were living on a hope that Jose is the one to blame for their miserable season last year but “Who’s laughing now”? The bottom line is that they have to bounce back strong if they want to play some European Soccer.

Liverpool were all over Chelsea from the beginning. Lovren opened the scoreline but minutes later it got worse for Chelsea as Henderson stunned Stamford Bridge and his own teammates by scoring a stunner. Although Chelsea put one back through Costa they couldn’t equalize. Despite having Cesc Fabregas on the Bench Conte was more than willing not to make the change. Wonder what Cesc has done to Conte to deserve this? Maybe Karma for last year?


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