Chelsea nightmare far from over

By Petko Stoyanov

After a couple of ugly wins in injury time at the beginning of the season, Chelsea fans believed the nightmare was over and they will be competitive again this season. Haha! Just a couple of weeks later it’s so obvious they are so far from the top clubs that I almost feel sympathy for them. Then I remember about Diego Costa and it’s gone.

The muppet should’ve been sent off twice this season already instead of staying on the pitch and scoring winners at the end. It was so satisfying to see him get bullied by Koscielny and Mustafi on Saturday! He was just running around begging the referee to do something. Some sweet justice for Arsenal fans after his disgusting behavior at the Emirates last season.

However, he was at least trying to do something unlike Fabregas, Hazard and the rest of the team. The defense, in particular, was abysmal. Honestly, why is Branislav Ivanovic still starting? And why did they buy the joke of a defender David Luiz for more than 30 million again?

But the award of the day for “a special performance” just has to go to Gary Cahill. What a clown! I don’t think that Alexis Sanchez has received a better assist in his entire career, Ozil would be proud of that pass for the first goal. And his overall partnership with Luiz is the funniest thing that happened in England ever since the Monty Python days.

I can’t see Conte fixing this quickly and we all know that Abramovic is hardly a patient guy, so the downside spiral will probably continue. Let’s hope this will bore the Russian and he will finally leave the club and English football in general.

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