Manchester City lead the pack but only just. (Early season review)


Seven games into the season and the premier league table is starting to take some shape. Manchester City are top of the table just like everyone but Manchester United fans predicted. Seems like we are seeing a pattern here with Manchester United fans in recent years. From the “Chosen one” to the “Tactical one” to the “Special one” now, it seems like Manchester United fans always have huge amounts of optimism, only to be left disappointed.

But first things first, lets look at how Manchester City has fared so far. The biggest accomplishment of Pep Guardiola is making Raheem Sterling perform as a half decent player. Maybe the English FA should consider hiring Pep for the English national team. What are the odds on that happening? Check them out at William Hill. So far it’s been a good ride for Pep and Manchester City. He may not have the hair (just like Jose Mourinho pointed out) but he does have the points in the bag (more than Jose has). After six straight wins Manchester City finally dropped points against Tottenham Hotspurs in the last game.

Talking of Tottenham, they are off to a pretty good start themselves. Currently sitting second in the table they are in great position to give their fans a lot of hope for the title. It’s always fun to see spurs fans so hopeful only to see them fall behind city rivals Arsenal again and again. ‘Mind the gap” tee shirts anyone?

While we are talking about Arsenal lets talk about Arsene Wenger shall we. What a legend. 20 years at Arsenal, what an achievement. Does it matter he won the league last the year Chelsea was founded and never again? Does it matter that Arsenal fans have never been able to Tweet “We are Champions”? Of course it doesn’t (or does depending on whether you are an Arsenal fan or not).

But Arsenal are riding high. They totally spanked Chelsea recently. That alone calls for a special trophy and an open top bus parade given the recent results between the two teams.

Moving on to Merseyside Jurgen Klopp has managed to bring Liverpool back into the top 4. Hope they don’t slip up now though. Considering Slippy G is no longer with the club the Kop end should be confident of making it into the Champions league next year. And why not, they have England’s best Left back James Milner in their squad.

In the blue half of the city of Liverpool, Everton are right behind their rivals in 5th position. Fear not though their mid season collapse is coming soon.

Next in the table come the mighty Manchester United Inc. Shirt sales are strong so everything should be fine right? Who cares if Manchester is Blue and the Red Devils are 6th in the league. The Club brought in Jose Mourinho, the foremost authority on buying the league. Along with the clubs resources this seemed to be a match made in heaven. But so far it seems like their most expensive signing is a better WWE wrestler than a footballer. He has the best dabs and dance moves though.

Below Manchester United on goal difference are Chelsea. After an ugly divorce last season both Mourinho and Chelsea are sitting on the same points. So no one has bragging rights so far and no one can claim to be better off than the other.

Spare a thought for Conte though. He has the job of fixing a defense that includes Cahill, Luiz and Ivanovic. A 50-year John Terry would probably be better than these clowns.

At the end of the day Chelsea fans are just happy that unlike last year they have some points on the board this time around.

But with only seven games played so far there are many points still left to be won and lost before we know how the premier league table will stand at the end of the season.

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