Will Pogba do anything against Manchester City? Yeah he will dab.


By Nasri Eric Majdalani as a super sub

A long summer transfer saga, several clubs interested, and a tug of war between Manchester United, Real Madrid and Chelsea playing out in the media.

At the end of the  day Mino Raiola had lots of fun, and so did Pogba between his Twitter account, Juve rejecting bids, and Pogba’s Instagram account while holidaying in California.
Near the end of the window, £90m it was, pisses of laughter in the Raiola household (especially considering the new figures released about how much he made) and a dancing king at home with his brothers and friends – Pogba returned to Manchester after having been let go for almost nothing three years before. The red of Manchester was excited and the rest of the fans, not so much.
We have now been 9 games in? The dabbing has been great, to the point where he has inspired kids  on camera to do just the same. Usefulness on the pitch? Not so much. A couple of good performances against underperforming lesser teams and another disappearance against Chelsea over the weekend has not been the best return on investment so far. The important question is, what will his next haircut be like?

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